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       Great “Step 2+” Cost-Saving Changes to Make Dramatic Cash-Flow Improvements

Client Projects

Operations Management for $85 million Medial Revenue Cycle Management

  • Management of team of 45 medical billing specialists
  • Client management for 145 medical practices
  • Strategic planning and business development

Interim CFO for 10 Ten-Provider Specialty Medical Practice

  • Management of billing system and internal billing office
  • Transformation of practice financial reporting to best-practices
  • Cash management
  • Consolidated and individual location budgets for five locations
  • Management of finance group
  • Enhance use and implementation of practice management software
  • Assist CEO to boost revenue streams through efficiencies
  • Full five-year strategic plan to include growth and acquisitions

Fair Market Valuation for Four-Provider Specialty Medical Practice

  • Detailed financial analysis of practice
  • Five-year P&L projections
  • Industry economic analysis
  • Premise of value based on Asset Approach, Market Approach, and Income Approach
  • Full inventory and asset valuation
  • Goodwill valuation
  • Discounted cash flows calculation
  • Analysis of transactions involving other similar practices

New Startup Medical Billing Company

  • Financial modeling and pro-forma
  • Operating and partnership agreements
  • Staff planning
  • Creation of performance measures and goals
  • Development of pricing model
  • New client business development
  • Executive oversight

Multi-State Employee Compensation Study

  • Analysis of approximately 75 job titles
  • Four cost of living regions
  • Calculation of compensation ratios to determine scope of over/underpayment by employee
  • Recommendations for compensation of each employee in study

Emergency Room and Multi-Specialty Medical Office Building

  • Financial modeling and pro-forma of a 12,000 visit ER
  • Staffing and equipment acquisition planning
  • Capital structure and investor return analysis
  • Acquisition of debt financing and equity investors
  • 40,000 sf property development and tenant planning

Interim CFO for Six-provider Medical Practice with $15 Million Charges

  • Immediate need to implement cash and debt strategy to maintain solvency
  • Strategic recommendation and implementation of additional revenue streams
  • Full financial analysis, budget, and cash flow forecast
  • Consideration of alternative staffing strategies for cash flow maximization
  • Creation of performance metrics for in-house billing

Interim CFO/CEO for Eleven-provider Medical Practice

  • Full strategic analysis and presentation of "status-quo" to partnership
  • Creation of multi-scenario strategic plan with accompanying full financial modeling and recommended action
  • Restructure of partner compensation model
  • Restructure of incentive comp and deferred comp plans
  • Modification of several operational inefficiencies and staffing
  • Creation of performance metrics to maintain momentum of the strategy and create accountability for the partnership and management
  • Dramatic increase in cash flow and per-partner compensation and earnings
  • Valuation of the practice and currently in proposal phase for sale of practice to a local hospital

Interim CFO for $20 Million Charges Medical Practice

  • Forensic accounting
  • Staff capacity evaluation and adjustment of staffing levels
  • Creation of operating budget
  • Implementation of new back-office procedures and performance metrics
  • Restructure of debt and additional borrowing capacity
  • Improved accounting and reporting procedures
  • Improved cash flows and profitability

Consultant to Financial Services and Investment Company

  • Full financial analysis of an acquisition target
  • Benchmarking of historical financial performance and client base
  • Enterprise valuation
  • Planning and performance of due diligence
  • Acquisition debt raise and negotiation of terms
  • Equity raise
  • Creation of financial models with multiple scenarios used in projection of results and investor return

Consultant to Machine Manufacturer

  • Creation of an Investor Deck to be used during an equity raise
  • Rapid immersion with company management to create strategic objectives Five-year financial projections and modeling, with automatic adjustments based on specific projection criteria
  • Instruction and assistance in the creation of a multi-tiered sales pipeline. The company did not have their sales projections modeled in a pipeline, and this was an important part of the investor deck.

CFO of Medical Practice Management Company

  • Financial operations and investor management
  • Monthly Financial Performance Analysis through metrics generation to more than 100 medical practices producing more than $150 million in annual charges
  • Multiple iterations of negotiated debt structure, including mezzanine and senior debt
  • Creation of complex waterfall model which forecast results of any possible exit method through four tiers of preferred shares, mezzanine debt, and common shares
  • Monthly analysis of financial performance, operations, and profitability of approximately 150 individual medical practices across the country

Recent Projects