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Michael T. Finch, CPA

Black Watch Medical Consulting provides interim CEO and CFO consulting to medical practices as small as one provider to large, multi-specialty groups. In these roles, we create budgets, strategic plans, financial reporting, analytical metrics, staffing analysis, provider revenue analysis, and profit enhancement through improved cost structures and revenue cycle processes. In many cases, cash flow is increased by adding services or the purchase of equipment.

We also fulfill the executive roles of managing debt structure, cash flow, health insurance and retirement plans, deferred comp plans, and partnership structure/restructure. We have provided performance analysis and consulting to more than 150 medical practices.

The goal of Black Watch is to create strategic objectives, as well as new processes, metrics, and procedures that will deliver a sustainable, successful environment well after the engagement is complete.

During the initial project phase, we build an infrastructure of new processes and a methodology to support them. This structure remains in place, and following the initial phase we provide ongoing financial and metric analysis, and maintenance of those functions. This creates a truly functional executive role in the practice that is primarily automatic and self-sufficient, with limited cost incurred by the practice on an ongoing basis.

Black Watch Medical Capital & Consulting

Black Watch Advisors

In association with licensed investment banking and private equity groups, Black Watch Capital performs investment services for mid-market public and private enterprises. These services include strategic planning for exit, merger, or other transactions, as well as debt management, preparation of investor documents, and presentation of the company to investor groups across the country. Black Watch has national contacts for venture capital investment, private equity investment, and banking for industrial, technology, medical services, and real estate services companies.